Friday, 6 February 2009

Debut album finished!

It's taken around two years to get from concept to finished product, and three months from recording the first note to having a mixed and finished copy printed onto the delectable vinyl-look CDs we found on the internet and couldn't resist using! The brand new debut album contains thirteen original tracks, written mostly by lead singer Hollie Sheard, with some also co-written by Brian Morrell and Daniel Green.It couldn't have been done without the band's honourary sixth member Mark Smith, who lent us his fab studio and engineering skills to lay down our funky tracks as well as our chilled ones.You can listen to and download the full versions of "Fleeting", "People On This Planet", and "No Wonder" on this website, and you can also hear edited "taster" versions of some other tracks - for the real thing, get your hands on a copy! They're available to buy at gigs or by contacting Hollsinger [at]

Double Semi-Finalists in the UK Songwriting Contest 2008

The band submitted two of their songs, "Untouchable" and "Is This Real", to a UK-based international songwriting competition, and reached the semi-finals with both songs. The results were published on Monday 1st September 2008.

The band are extremely pleased to have done so well, and intend to do even better in next year's contest!

The recent success has led to coverage in the Pontefract & Castleford Express (the area where Hollie grew up) and on various websites.