Sunday, 21 June 2009

Podcast - Phoenix Radio Interview

We visited Phoenix Radio in Halifax on 19/06/2009 for a live interview. Here's a podcast of the interview in full, including our live acoustic performance of Work With Me and a track from our album, "Fleeting":
Interview with Hollie Sheard and Friends on Phoenix Radio

Many thanks to Mike Sharman, the presenter and the organiser of the Luddenden Music Festival that we played at the day after the interview (on 20/06/2009). Thanks also to folk star and fellow Luddfest performer Jonathan Taylor, who re-broadcasted the interview on his own folk radio show and provided us with the recording for this podcast.

We'll be updating our Flickr page soon with photos from the Luddfest gig and from the radio station visit, so check back later to see those. You can access all of this, including this very blog feed, plus streaming and downloads of our music, at our website: - so if you're reading this on Blogger, why not pay us a visit.

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See you soon,
Hollie x

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