Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Extreme beauty

Recently we had a rare bit of October sunshine, and as I passed a tree I noticed how the strong sunlight reflected off the leaves and made the whole tree look spectacularly beautiful. A natural thing, lit by natural light.

Later in the day, as dusk fell, I noticed that the world can look equally alluring on the brink of darkness - a different kind of beauty, mysterious and brooding.

It made me realise that true beauty is on the verge of the extremes in life - blinding light and pitch black; whistle-high and drone-low; faint hint and powerful proof. It is not in the middle ground; the cloudy daylight; the normality; the mediocre. So artistically we should always be pushing against the boundaries of what has been done before. We should aim not to imitate, but to boldly redefine the edges of the possible.


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