Monday, 10 October 2011

ReverbNation is the new Myspace

It surprises me how few of my musician friends know about or make use of ReverbNation. It seems to be a big thing in the US, but here it's largely ignored.

I wonder how many musos here would join if they knew they could do all this stuff for free:
  • Upload images and MP3s
  • Keep a schedule of their gigs
  • Link to Twitter, Facebook,  YouTube, and Myspace, pulling in statistics from all of them
  • Update your status on social networks all from one place
  • Connect with other musicians and bands, listen to their music and leave comments
  • Get "widgets" to embed into websites and blogs - just like embedding a YouTube video - which can play music, gather email addresses, display your gig schedule, etc
  • Build up a mailing list and send out HTML emails - plus track statistics on readership
  • Open a "store" where you can sell T-shirts, music downloads, and even CDs (much like CafePress)
  • Premium services available too, like digital distribution on iTunes, virtual "press kits", etc
Hopefully England will catch on soon.

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