Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Booked the first craft fair!

Yep, I've taken a deep breath and sent off my application form and cheque to book my first craft fair. I don't know why I'm feeling nervous about it - I had my own shop until recently! - but a craft fair is a different thing, of course.

The fair is on the 24th March in Barnsley (further details here). I'm also thinking about doing a one-off market stall in Sheffield towards the end of April.

I've already got a semi-decent amount of stock so I just need to get a few more things made and have a think about stall presentation. The table will only be 4' long rather than the usual 6' so I think it will be something of a challenge to present everything nicely in that amount of space.

I also want to have the website up and running by the time of the fair, so I can hand out business cards with the website URL on.

Got some work to do!

Hollie x

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