Monday, 2 April 2012

The first ever craft fair

I did my first ever craft fair on 24th March! Woohoo!

It was a nice homely affair in a church hall in Barnsley. I spent *ages* the day before working out how everything was going to be set out, but it was worth the time because I managed to get the stall set up in half an hour on the day, and now I can use variations on that layout every time.

It was one of those events where you can buy cups of tea and little buns from an old lady, so I wasn't going to turn down that opportunity - those grannies really know how to bake. Sadly the little buns weren't vegetarian, and the tea wasn't tea. Seriously, it was like, grey water. I opted for coffee after that since you can't really get instant coffee wrong - one cup tastes as foul as the next.

The reason I'm smiling in the picture was because I hadn't tasted the tea yet... next time I'll bring a flask!

Hollie x

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