Sunday, 13 May 2012

Hettie's Diamond Jubilee

Oops, I thought Diamond meant 50 years.

Busy, busy, busy. After an extremely long shift at the theatre on Friday, I was up bright and early Saturday morning to prepare for Hettie's "Diamond Jubilee" - that is, her birthday party for a rather momentous age [I found out later that Diamond Jubilee means 60 years - oops. I'm blaming Brian for this one, as he told me it meant 50 years].

I had previously had a great find at The Works: these lovely pink and green paper chains:

So the paper chains were everywhere, along with colourful bunting, happy birthday banners, and balloons. We had a snack table inside, a barbecue outside, some good tunes on the "boombox" and a bit of sunshine too.

Hettie says loved her narrowboat-shaped cake and her main present, which was a gift experience certificate for a day out learning how to handle a narrowboat.

I also got to meet my long-lost cousin Brandon for the first time - a nice polite young chap who reminds me of me ten years ago.

Today, church, where Brian made a new friend, and I got grafted in to help with some activities. Now for football and relaxation before craft- and music-related work again tomorrow.

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