Monday, 31 December 2012

New Year, New Enthusiasm

2013 is almost upon us and I've decided it's time for some new creative projects. Brian and I said a while ago that we would form a cocktail duo and do some gigs in hotels, but never did much about it. Over the last few days, we've discussed some ideas for kick-starting our duo and we've got a song-list together (lasting several hours! We don't do things by halves). The next step is to get some recordings made, so we can send out CDs to the local hotels near Doncaster.

I've also got an album of my own songs in the pipeline, which will probably take another six months to record, but all the songs are written.

Speaking of my own songs, just before Christmas the results of the 2012 UK Songwriting Contest were announced, and two of my songs made it into the semi-finals in the singer/songwriter category. The songs were 'Beautiful' and 'You've Done It Now' from my album 'By Hook Or By Crook'.

On the craft front, I've decided to specialise in dreamcatchers, and am going to work towards opening a new online shop to sell them, called Blue Chalice. The dreamcatchers will be a little bit different from the norm, featuring contemporary colours and designs, and animal lovers will be able to buy them with a clear conscience since they will be free from feathers, suede, and other animal products.