Saturday, 12 January 2013

New website design (again)

I said to myself last time, "This is the last time."

"I'm never doing another new website design. This is it."

But unfortunately, while I still like the aesthetic design of my current website, I can't fit much information into such a simple format. And what with my compositions, my new cocktail duo, and my decision to include lyrics and other stuff for each song, I've got a lot more information these days.

So I'm working on another website design. Again. Here's a preview:


  1. Your website looks awesome! Considering the nature of the website/blog, I think it is okay that there’s not a lot of content on it right away. That’s what navigation and archives are for, after all. As long as the front page content is up to date, and the navigation is easy to use, you have a really effective website on your hands.

  2. Thanks Frida! The site is now finally finished and has far more content than the previous site. I'll bear your comments in mind as I continue to tweak it.