Sunday, 6 January 2013

Songwriters' Talent Exchange

Just set up a new Facebook page which is doing spectacularly well. It's called Songwriters' Talent Exchange and it's for songwriters all around the world to get together and help each other to write and record better songs.

I came up with the idea when chatting with other entrants to the UK Songwriting Contest, many of whom said things like 'I've entered a song but I can't really sing so I don't think it'll do very well' or 'I sing but don't play any instruments so it doesn't sound very good' and it occurred to me that if songwriters help each other, we can all make better recordings of our songs. There's also an opportunity for co-writers to collaborate on writing songs.

It's early days but the page has gathered a lot of interest already and I hope that we can get a great community going.

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