Tuesday, 2 December 2014

The Muso Show

The Muso Show has been born - a community radio show for musicians in Doncaster and around the world. The first show was broadcast on Thursday 27th November, and then repeated on Monday 1st December. Shows will run on Mondays at 6pm, on 102.6 in Doncaster and online at sinefm.com. I'll be your host and we'll be talking about news, gigs, and tips from the music world along with a showcase of original music from Doncaster and around the world.

Next week's show (8/12/2014) will include a feature on how to get your music onto the radio.

To listen back to this week's show, visit: http://www.sinefm.com/a_z_of_shows/the_muso_show

Monday, 17 November 2014

30 Challenges: Failed

Okay, so maybe I set myself a few too many challenges alongside moving house and recovering from major surgery. Here are the challenges I managed to complete:

  1. Build a new recording studio, with help from an online fundraising campaign – Completed! It went right to the wire but we made it with HUGE thanks to family, friends, and others who contributed and gave practical help. Now to record the fourth “Super-Duper” album!
  2. Do an album launch gig to release my third album – Completed
  3. Attend a protest – Completed
  4. Perform solo at an open mic night – Completed
  5. Attend a class in radio production – Completed
  6. Spend a week without TV – Completed
  7. Lose a stone in weight – Completed
  8. Do a gig in an unusual place – Completed
  9. Make my own version of the Doctor Who theme – Completed
  10. Make a dance remix of one of my own songs – Completed

Ten challenges ain't bad, and I'm still going to complete the rest. The new deadline is my next birthday (November 2015), and if I don't complete them by then, I'm not sure that I ever will.

Here's the new studio:

And here's the remix – don't ask me what genre this is, because I have no idea!

Monday, 20 October 2014

Pictures from the album launch

Here are some video screenshots from my album launch last month. When I figure out how to convert the DVD into a YouTube-friendly format, I'll post the vid on this blog too.

Pics of Alistair J. Pearson, the support act

Pics of the band (Hollie Sue & Friends)
I accidentally included the transport bar in a few of these, but thought I'd include them anyway.

Pictures of Brian Morrell (pianist)

Pics of Craig Smith (drummer/percussionist)

Pics of Jonny Stott (guitarist)

Pics of me (Hollie Sue, singer/songwriter)