Tuesday, 8 April 2014

The Island

The last six months seem to have flown by, and illness has prevented me from making the most of them. I had big plans for the summer, too, but these will have to be put on hold. Still, I do have one piece of news. My album, which has been in progress for a few years now, is almost ready.

It will be called "The Island" and was recorded almost entirely as a solo project, with me playing every instrument and handling the recording, mixing, and mastering. All of the songs were written (or in two cases co-written) by me and are about all sorts of things, from global poverty to not wanting to answer the phone! The title track is about a fictitious island with no war, capitalism, or inequality.

The final tasks now are just a bit of audio tweaking and then to sort out the artwork. Then printing! I'm eager to get this out there, but I have to remind myself of the lesson I learned with my first album - slow down! Rushing at this stage will only result in a box of CDs that I'm simply not happy with.

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