Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Album plans

My newest album "The Island" is now mixed, mastered, and the first copies are hot off the press. It's available to pre-order at for £6, but will not be released until an unspecified date this year. Why the wait? Well, one must arrange an album launch, of course! I'm hoping to hold the launch somewhere in Doncaster, since I have many listeners there now due to my busking activities, and can actively promote the gig from the street corner that is my stage.

The new album contains a whopping 15 songs and most were performed solo, with a little help from my trusty Drums on Demand loop library and a couple of contributions from the finessed fingers of my husband Brian on keys. Of course, my beloved tenor ukulele makes a debut appearance on several songs and I threw in a few authentic guitar, violin, and percussion performances along with instruments from the virtual ether.
Copies sold through the website will come with an A5 booklet containing all the lyrics, and gig-sold copies will contain a printed link to download the booklet.

It seems I have much work to do - launch planning, promoting, radio interviews, and smaller open-mic and support slots around Doncaster to build up the buzz that this new record deserves. If you know of any local opportunities, let me know.

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