Tuesday, 8 July 2014

30 Challenges

I'm turning 30 this year.


While I was in hospital I read about a woman who did 100 challenges in 100 days prior to turning 40. Inspirational - but that sounded like hard work for someone with my condition and energy levels. But I think I could handle 30 challenges...by the time I turn 30. Why not?

Then I got home and found that my equipment for recording music had given up the ghost. So my first challenge immediately became to build a new recording studio, so that I could start work on my next album. I set a campaign on Fundrazr to fund it, and so far my friends and family have helped me to raise 16% of the funding needed. Here's the campaign.

First challenge underway.

My second challenge is to do an album launch to release the album I've recently finished, "The Island". I hope to launch it in late August and am in talks with possible venues.

Second challenge underway.

My third challenge was to attend a protest, which is something I've never done in all my 29 years. Today was the day. There was a good cause, which was close to my heart, and the protest was only a short hop away in Sheffield. I went to the Magistrate's Court to support two people that had been charged for resisting arrest because they didn't want to give the police their names during a peaceful protest. The police used excessive force on them and several other disabled and elderly protesters, and I think it should be those police officers in the dock, not the two peaceful protesters that were manhandled. Read more about the cause in the Guardian here.

Me with my trusty busking whiteboard.

That's me in the background on the far right, holding the whiteboard up high.

I enjoyed standing up for a real cause like this, and think I will get involved in protests more often, 
so long as I believe the cause is just.

Third challenge completed.

Wonder what the fourth challenge will be? Answers on a postcard please.

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

An appeal

So it looks like my third album "The Island" will be my last - unless you can help me.

I've just got out from a two-week stint in hospital to find my studio recording equipment has died - and I so wanted to get stuck into writing a new album straightaway to take my mind off things. So I've launched a campaign on Fundraizr to help pay for new recording equipment. Contributors get something in return for each level of support, from MP3 downloads of my songs, all the way through to to a gig in your very own living room.

If you can help a little bit, even just £1, please visit my fundraising page here to read more and to donate:

In other news, I've recently contacted a venue about the album launch for "The Island" so I'm hoping to hear back soon. Super excited for the launch and I'm going to try to get some extra musicians on board to make it really kick. Get in touch if you're a local musician and want to join in just to have some fun.

Hollie x