Tuesday, 28 April 2009

To Groovy Funksters And Back

We've been dipping our toes into the "function band" (ish) world over the last few months. A load of new funk and soul covers, a function name (the Groovy Funksters), and even band t-shirts. It gets wearing after a while though; I don't know how other bands do it. You spend weeks telling everyone about it so hopefully they'll come along and you'll have an audience, then on the night you pack an enormous amount of equipment into the car, you make sure everyone else turns up, you run around carrying stuff and setting things up and trying to get reverb, you do the gig, and if you get paid at all you get paid less than you've already spent on petrol and drinks. And what for? So you might get another gig doing the same thing, just bleating other people's songs.

No more.

We're going back to Hollie Sheard & Friends, we're doing our own songs all the time, we're going to write new stuff and record it by hook or by crook, and if we do low paid/free gigs then we're doing them for charity, for the community, or for a chance to shine at the right people. I'm seeing this as an opportunity to take the band to a new level.

Are you with me?

Hollie x