Friday, 5 July 2013

The first successful busk

After getting hold of a small busking amp, I decided to have another go at busking yesterday.

It was dramatically different this time, because people could now hear me. Immediately people began to sit on benches, watching me. Children pulled at their parents' hands, begging them to stop and listen. The coins and the compliments flowed, along with the inevitable heckle or two. I don't mind them. I know my voice is okay, even though I'm a bit wet around the ears when it comes to playing the ukulele.

Tomorrow I brave the streets of Doncaster again, and we shall see what a busy day is like in this job.

Monday, 1 July 2013

The first busk

Did my first ever busking session today in Doncaster.

Setting up
Strumming and singing away

Things I learnt about busking:
  • Pretty much no-one can hear you if you aren't amplified.
  • Choose a pitch that is RIGHT next to where people walk past on the way to something.
  • Teenage boys are idiots (but I've known that one since I was a teenager myself).
  • Don't sing songs that are in the lower end of your register. People only pay attention when you hit the high notes.
  • If you have music or lyrics on a stand, they will blow away. Mine were in a display book and it kept falling off. Next time, I will take pegs with me.
Since no-one could hear me and almost no-one walked particularly near me, I didn't earn much.

Earnings from my first day of busking
Nevertheless, I'm eager to try again and apply some of what I've learnt to my next busking session. One lovely thing about the day was the chap who saw me later, and said he didn't have any change but he really enjoyed my singing. That was worth far more than a quid.