Monday, 17 November 2014

30 Challenges: Failed

Okay, so maybe I set myself a few too many challenges alongside moving house and recovering from major surgery. Here are the challenges I managed to complete:

  1. Build a new recording studio, with help from an online fundraising campaign – Completed! It went right to the wire but we made it with HUGE thanks to family, friends, and others who contributed and gave practical help. Now to record the fourth “Super-Duper” album!
  2. Do an album launch gig to release my third album – Completed
  3. Attend a protest – Completed
  4. Perform solo at an open mic night – Completed
  5. Attend a class in radio production – Completed
  6. Spend a week without TV – Completed
  7. Lose a stone in weight – Completed
  8. Do a gig in an unusual place – Completed
  9. Make my own version of the Doctor Who theme – Completed
  10. Make a dance remix of one of my own songs – Completed

Ten challenges ain't bad, and I'm still going to complete the rest. The new deadline is my next birthday (November 2015), and if I don't complete them by then, I'm not sure that I ever will.

Here's the new studio:

And here's the remix – don't ask me what genre this is, because I have no idea!