Friday, 14 May 2010


A little catch-up.

Wednesday. Send out a load of letters, bus it to Doncaster for shopping and errands, then to Sheffield for a shift at the theatre. Liftage = back pain.

Thursday. Back pain goes on a little journey and becomes leg pain. Hobble around Leeds with my mother the milliner (she's hobbling too) putting up posters for my next gig, which is the album launch on 3rd July. We hit the music shops, charity shops, and universities. Leeds Uni say they have a "rivalry" with the The Library where the launch is being held (how does a university end up having a rivalry with a pub??) so they won't put an official stamp on my poster to say it's allowed. What a campus, though! If you got lost you could spend days just trying to find the way out. Leeds Met are much more generous with their noticeboard space so maybe there'll be students at my launch yet.

Friday (today). Ibuprofen for breakfast. Mocha, a Buffy, and then I need to spend the day doing a favour for a friend. It involves singing and trying very hard not to sound like I'm in pain. Wish me luck.

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