Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Erasing history

After realising that last song "No Wonder" DID actually feature on an album (my first one, "Truth or Dare"), I went back and had a listen to it. You know what, it was nice to do that. Sometimes we're so focussed on our plans for the future that we forget what we've already achieved.

It was a real hodgepodge of an album with some songs recorded in my bedroom studio, some at college, and some at a much larger studio. The earliest song was written around the year 2000 after breaking up with my first boyfriend, and I didn't write any more for a couple of years because somebody asked me and I quote, "What was that teenage crap you were playing earlier?" (Too Late). "Running" was a jazz ballad written for an assignment in 2003 at Leeds College of Music, before I defected to the pop course at Barnsley. One was written right after my first successful job interview after university in 2006, hence the joyful exuberance (People On This Planet). There's a few made-up stories, a song about parental arguments (When You Fight), one about crush on a teacher - no, not Brian (As Long As It Takes), a couple of later, darker ones about paranoia (Work With Me) and hallucinations (Fleeting), one about wanting to quit a job (Nothing Is Forever), and finally the song I forgot about (No Wonder) which is a tribute to Stevie Wonder.

In 2010, a couple of years after the first album was released, I replaced it with a "special edition" which had different versions and different mixes of the songs, and cut three songs off the album altogether. I wish I hadn't done that now. It's a part of my musical history, a piece of the puzzle. So, I think I will get rid of the special edition and revert back to selling the lovely original vinyl-covered CDs on my website. They look cooler anyway.

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