Saturday, 4 February 2012


It's a bit chilly around here and I've noticed that I'm never at my most productive when it's cold. All I want to do is snuggle up in a nice warm blanket with a cup of tea and my cats by my side, and watch some inane American crap on the telly.

The snow has been coming down thick and fast, and I'm reminded of a time a couple of years ago when we got snowed in - the whole nine yards. We had to dig the car out from all the snow around it, then couldn't drive up the hill anyway. We ended up with no milk or bread because all the local shops had run out. That time I opened my back door and was greeted with this sight:

For England this is really, really bad, but of course I have to remember that some places have it much worse. Anyhoo, I'm hoping for a little less snow this time. I'm also thinking about my summer house, which has a leak that I was supposed to fix and have only just got around to ordering the bitumen for. Most of my stock is currently in the summer house and I'm going to turn it into a workshop for the warmer months, so let's hope that roof holds out.

Hollie x

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