Friday, 4 May 2012

Diamond Jubilee Printables

For the royal wedding of "Will & Kate", I hosted a Tacky Royal Party for my nearest and dearest. My monarch-hating husband was completely in the dark about this until he came home to find the garden bedecked with union jacks, cardboard corgis, and the rest of us wearing crowns and greeting him with a royal wave.

I was particularly happy with the way these mugs turned out. No, I didn't buy special mugs. I simply printed some free mug wraps from Design Editor (many thanks!) and sellotaped them around my existing mugs, which are cheapies from Asda.

To recreate this effect I've made some similar mug wraps to help everyone out there celebrate the Queen's Jubilee. They're printable and free:

Here in the UK we're getting a 4-day weekend to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee, so you have from Sat 2nd June to Tues 5th June to host your very own Tacky Royal Party!

Hollie x


  1. Love them! Thankyou! I'm throwing a "Two Four Tea" here in Canada this coming holiday weekend, which is called the Victoria Day Wkd. It is held closest to Queen Victoria's May 24th birthday, but which now celebrates Queen Elizabeth's. Unfortunately, many Canadians have come to believe that the "Two Four Weekend" refers to a 24 pack of beer! This is my one-woman crusade to reclaim the weekend for its intended purpose. Long live the Queen!!!

  2. It's great fun seeing what people are creating for the Jubilee.

    We created some Jubilee fun here -