Wednesday, 9 May 2012

What a load of rubbish!

Been reading a little book I got on sale at Waterstones called "The book of rubbish ideas". Now, I normally go in for good ideas, but these are in fact very good ideas relating to rubbish.

The book has really opened my eyes about how much stuff we throw out and where it ends up. I've resolved to be a better recycler from now on, but what I'm really into is the idea of re-using things for crafty purposes.

So I've started keeping things I might have thrown away before, like cereal packets, foil from chocolate, empty tins of Smash and pringles, and netting from fruit. I've already managed to use some of my "funky junk" on some notecards and one of the Smash tins to package up an online purchase of an oil burner and scented melts. It was just the right size and I honestly don't think I could have a bought any packaging that would have worked as well.

I've also got another "funky junk" project on the go, which is a papier maché lighthouse made from:
  • a Smash lid for the base,
  • a taped cylinder made from rolled up cereal packet cardboard,
  • a plastic deoderant cap with a little "window" cut out of it,
  • and a removable battery powered tea-light for the lighthouse "lamp".
The project is still newspapery right now but one of these days I'll get round to painting it.

Let me know if you have any good tips for how to turn rubbish into a "funky junk" project!


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