Saturday, 26 January 2013

Organising my head, never an easy task

Still hard at work on that new website design, and it's proving to be a big task. Each song, even if still in progress, has its very own page with lyrics, a music player, performer information, prizes won, and where applicable other versions of the song such as live renditions. I've come across a few old songs where I just don't want to showcase that dodgy recording that I made in 2008. So, some songs are even getting a new lease of life with a new recording or a new mix. The compositions part of the website is similar, with each piece on show along with keywords about genre, feel, and instruments, plus info on what cut-down versions are available for media use. It turns out I never finished the cut-downs, so I have more work to do on that. Another section is all about the new duo, so there'll be some piano/vocal renditions of a few cover songs on there.

All in all, building this site is helping me to get everything organised and pull everything together in one place, so it's a Very Good Thing.

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