Monday, 31 October 2011

Baby Belle

The new kitten has arrived!!

Her name is Belle, so her nickname is now Baby Belle. She arrived late Thursday evening in a very sleepy state, and quickly settled down for the night. Friday she spent the day with her Grandma, Saturday she got to know Brian and I a little better, and Sunday she and Dusty were properly introduced. I'm startled at how well Dusty is taking it. I expected nerves, aggression, jealousy, etc. But no, every time she sees Belle she trills and runs off, inviting Belle to chase her. It's lovely.

Here's a few pics of Belle:
Baby Belle on her first evening with us, playing with toys

Love this one - she's actually yawning but looks like she's laughing

The clearest pic from Day 1

She looks a bit scared - poor Belle!

Just before we got Belle she had a last snuggle & feed with mummy cat.

Cuddles with me

Playing with Uncle Craig
Belle is VERY young - only 5 weeks - and needs a lot of attention. So over the next few weeks, I can't promise to deliver a blog post every weekday like I have been doing.

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