Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Progress Report

Wii Fit - Have lasted just over a week so far, and have lost a little weight. Didn't do any exercises yesterday and probably won't today, since I'm busily working at the theatre. But just travelling to work involves a fair bit of walking, so I reckon that's okay.

Composing for Creative Commons - Getting close to reaching my goal of a 45-minute total, so I decided it was time for some feedback. If only I knew a senior lecturer in music production...oh wait! There's one on my sofa.

He thinks the Creative Commons thing is an admirable sentiment, but I might be depriving myself of the opportunity to make some money from the music I've written. There are some production issues, he says, which can be easily sorted out, and then I need to make shorter "cut-downs" of the music to make it usable for TV programmes. Once I've done this, I should send it out to Library Music companies and only then, if I'm rejected by these companies, should I consider "gifting" it to the creative community. So, Creative Commons is out of the window for now. I have defenestrated it.

New website design - The "beta" version is now up at and will soon be replacing the site at the main URL (

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