Monday, 3 October 2011

Tom's induction

Went to an event at my church yesterday. The new minister, Rev Tom McCready, was being formally welcomed to the church by all the congregation plus ministers and visitors from other Unitarian churches.

It was a good service (with only two hymns, so Brian was happy) and Tom looked pleased as punch when the congregation presented him with a shiny blue stole bearing a dove on one side and the Unitarian candle-in-a-chalice on the other.

Unitarians are very proud of their ability to put on a good spread, and this time was no exception. Us veggies even got to go first.  As a visiting minister with a pony-tail remarked, "I knew there was a good reason I became veggie". Whilst "mingling" Brian and I realised that, even though we've been attending (on and off) for a year now, we hardly know anyone's names yet except for Tom. There's one chap we talk to almost every time and we don't even know his name. So, the mission for the next few months is to learn some names.

Sadly we couldn't stay to hear the folk duo that was playing after the buffet, as we had to put next door's chickens to bed before it got dark.

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